Film Detail


Too Blue to Be Black, Too Black to Be Blue (2015)

59min Crime, Documentary
  • Distributor:Independent
  • Director:Mikhail A. Gershteyn
  • Cast:Marvin Stepherson
  • Synopsis:

    They were brought here as slaves. They were sold as things. People used to buy them as property. They did not consider being people. Despite all of that they played and still are playing significant role in the history of the Land of the Free. They are African-American men and women, who choose to server and protect us. We can hear it all the time and everywhere, that black police officers cannot be loyal or truly trusted in their work nor by their community. The purpose of this documentary, from African-American police officer's perspective is to explore how black law enforcement officers are perceived by their white comrades, the African-American and non-African American community as it relates to their law enforcement role as well as community members.

  • Notes:

    TV Movie