The Hater

The Hater (Vertical Entertainment)

  • NR 1h 47m
  • Comedy
  • Opened 3/18/2022 | Theatrical • Limited

Dorothy, a liberal (!) environmentalist speechwriter on a U.S. Senate campaign, loses her job for a protest gone wrong. Wanting to get in on the action where it's "really" happening (and, jobless), she returns to her conservative Texas hometown where she learns that her Republican childhood bully is running for state legislature. In this town, only Republicans can win, so obviously the only thing to do is go undercover and run against him as a Republican herself. It's perfectly constitutional. Unable to hide her feelings on the campaign trail, even as she plays a role, Dorothy discovers that good vs. evil isn't necessarily as simple as left vs. right.

Additional Details

  • Release Date: 3/18/2022