That Way Madness Lies…

    That Way Madness Lies… (2018)

    101min Documentary, Drama
    • Distributor:First Run
    • Director:Sandra Luckow
    • Cast:Sandra Luckow (Self), Duanne Luckow (Self), Scott Griffith (Self), Steve Knepper (Self)
    • Synopsis:

      One woman and her family trek the broken mental health system in an effort to save her brother as he descends into madness. Beginning as a testimony of his sanity, his iPhone video diary ultimately becomes an unfiltered look at the mind of a man with untreated schizophrenia.

    Theatrical (2)
    Opened 12/14/2018

    Key Dates

    • 04/29/2018 - USA Film Festival (USA)

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    1 | 12/14/2018-12/20/2018$579-$1,447-2-$724

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