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Solo Brathuke So Better (2020)

122min Drama
  • Distributor:Independent
  • Director:Subbu
  • Cast:Ajay (), Nazia Davison (Rashi Singh), Vennela Kishore (), Kalyani N. ()
  • Synopsis:

    'Solo Brathuke So Better' is a love story between a young man who believes and preaches his philosophy of staying single in his college days, and a young woman who takes his ideology to next level agtr the man leaves the college. What happened when he realizes that his philosophy is wrong over a period of time with his real life experiences and decides to get married and meets the same woman who has idolised his over the years in the same college and who followed his philosophy to the next level forms the cruz of the story.

  • Notes:

    Distributed by Zee Studios

Limited (30)

Opened 12/25/2020

Box Office Results | Domestic

  Week 1
Week 2
weekend 3500010000
cume 3500045000
  Weekend Weekly Locations  
Week Gross $ % Chg. Gross $ % Chg. # # Chg. Per Theatre
1 | 12/25/2020-12/31/2020$35,000-$35,000-25-$1,400
2 | 01/01/2021-01/07/2021$10,0000 %$10,0000 %300$333
  Total $45,000  

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