Memory House

Memory House (Film Movement)

  • NR 1h 27m
  • Drama
  • Opened 9/3/2021 | Theatrical • Limited

Technical Specs: Flat (1.85 : 1)

Cristovam, a native from the brazilian hinterland, works in a milk factory in a former Austrian colony in Brazil. He feels lonely, ostracized by cultural and ethnic differences. One day, he discovers an abandoned house filled with objects that remind him of his origins. He slowly settles in this house. Curiously, more objects start to appear without explanation, as if the place was « alive ».

Additional Details

  • Release Date: 9/3/2021

  • Technical Specs: Flat (1.85 : 1)

  • Key Dates: 9/3/2021 - VOD

  • Notes: Portuguese: Casa de Antiguidades