Let It Be Morning

Let It Be Morning (Cohen Media Group)

  • NR 1h 41m
  • Drama
  • Opens 2/3/2023 | Theatrical • Limited

Technical Specs: DCP, Scope

LET IT BE MORNING is the story of Sami (Alex Bakri) a Palestinian-born Israeli citizen living in Jerusalem who receives an invitation to his brother’s wedding forcing him to return to the Arab village where he grew up. After the wedding finishes, with no explanation, Sami's hometown is put under a military blockade lockdown by Israeli soldiers. When chaos erupts overnight amongst the villagers stuck behind the wall due to the blockade, Sami is cut off from the outside world and trapped in an unexpected situation. As he deals with questions about his own identity and hidden secrets are revealed, Sami watches everything he holds dear begin to fall apart. Written and directed by award-winning Israeli filmmaker Eran Kolirin (The Band’s Visit), and adapted from the international best-selling novel by Palestinian author Sayed Kashua, LET IT BE MORNING is a film about a state of siege, both internal and external – centered around a man who has built a wall around his heart, and how that inner wall starts coming apart when an actual, real wall goes up around his hometown.

Director & Top Cast

Additional Details

  • Release Date: 2/3/2023

  • Technical Specs: DCP, Scope

  • Key Dates: 2/3/2023 - New York/ Los Angeles

Did You Know?

The film’s high-level festival pedigree includes being selected to compete in the Un Certain Regard section at the Cannes Film Festival, as well as being selected to screen at the Palm Springs International Film Festival, where it was nominated for the Fipresci prize (Best Foreign Language Film).

In addition to being a festival favorite, the film was nominated for 14 Ophirs (the Israeli Academy Awards), where it took home 7 awards, including Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Screenplay.

Kolirin has won over 50 prestigious awards from around the globe, including eight Israeli film Academy Awards for his previous feature and critically acclaimed masterpiece, The Band’s Visit, which topped the Best of Lists for numerous top-tier outlets (Roger Ebert with the Chicago Sun Times, The Hollywood Reporter, The NY Post, The Associated Press, LA Weekly, etc.) The Band’s Visit also opened on Broadway where it continued to earn both awards and accolades. It was one of only four musicals in Broadway’s history to win the unofficial “Big Six” Tony Awards (Best Musical, Book, Score, Actor, Actress and Director of a Musical.)

Kolirin’s most recent film, Let It Be Morning, is based on a Hebrew-language novel of the same name by Palestinian novelist Sayed Kashua and was a project that Kolirin didn’t originally think was possible.

“A story told in Arabic about a Palestinian village but was written in Hebrew by a Palestinian author. Considering the polarized world in which we now live, the idea seemed impossible. But I am not sure films should be made unless they are impossible, which is why I was all the more drawn to and taken with this project.” Eran Kolirin, Director of Let It Be Morning