Gold (Screen Media Films)

  • R 1h 36m
  • Action, Thriller
  • Opened 3/11/2022 | Theatrical • Limited (3,164 locations)

Technical Specs: Scope; 5.1 Sound

In the not too distant future, two drifters (Zac Efron, Anthony Hayes) traveling through the desert stumble across the biggest gold nugget ever found, and the dream of immense wealth and greed takes hold. They hatch a plan to excavate their bounty with one man leaving to secure the necessary tools. The other man remains and must endure harsh desert elements, ravenous wild dogs, and mysterious intruders, while battling the sinking suspicion that he has been abandoned to his own fate.

Director & Top Cast

Box Office Results


  Week 1
Week 2
weekend 09509
cume 84459100197
  Weekend Weekly Locations  
Week Gross $ % Chg. Gross $ % Chg. # Chg. Per Theater
1 | 3/11/2022-3/17/2022$0-$84,459-3,164-$27
2 | 3/18/2022-3/24/2022$9,5090 %$15,738-81.4 %83-3,081$190
  Total $100,197  

Total Includes Full Week Grosses for Weeks 1-2

Additional Details

  • Release Date: 3/11/2022

  • Technical Specs: Scope; 5.1 Sound