Georgetown (2021)

R 99min Drama
  • Distributor:Independent
  • Director:hristoph Waltz
  • Cast:Christoph Waltz, Vanessa Redgrave, Annette Bening
  • Technical Specs:Digital, 5.1 sound
  • Synopsis:

    Ulrich Mott, an eccentric social climber, seduces and marries a wealthy older widow, Elsa Brecht. Although Mott is three decades younger than his wife, they join forces to dominate the political and social circles of Wathington, DC throwing lavish events at their townhouse in the fashionable suburb of Georgetown.

  • Notes:

    Distributed by Romulus Entertainment


Opened 05/14/2021

Key Dates

  • 05/18/2021 - Digital and VOD