Ferguson Rises

    Ferguson Rises (2021)

    NR 88min Documentary
    • Distributor:PhilmCo
    • Director:Mobolaji Olambiwonnu
    • Cast:Michael Brown Sr., Shaquilla Jones, Osagyefo Uhuru Sekou
    • Technical Specs:Flat (1.85 : 1)
    • Synopsis:

      Before America knew about Black Lives Matter, there was Michael Brown, Jr. On 8/9/14, in Ferguson Missouri, Darren Wilson, a white officer, fatally shot an unarmed Brown, and in the days that followed protest, anger, frustration and fear took over the city and it’s community.


    Opened 09/17/2021

    Key Dates

    • 09/17/2021 - VOD
    • 06/15/2021 - Tribeca Film Festival