A Crime on the Bayou

A Crime on the Bayou (Dada Films)

  • NR 1h 29m
  • Documentary
  • Opened 6/18/2021 | Theatrical • Limited

Technical Specs: Flat (1.85 : 1)

In 1966 in a swampy strip of land south of New Orleans a young Black fisherman, Gary Duncan, tries to break up a fight between white and black teenagers outside a newly integrated school. He gently lays his hand on a white boy’s arm. That night, police arrest 19-year-old Gary Duncan for assault on a minor. With the help of a young Jewish attorney, Richard Sobol, Duncan bravely stands up to systemic racism in courtroom battles, including the US Supreme Court.

Additional Details

  • Release Date: 6/18/2021

  • Technical Specs: Flat (1.85 : 1)

  • Key Dates: 11/11/2020 - DOC NYC