Cold Case Hammarskjöld (Magnolia Pictures)

  • 2h 8m
  • Animation, Documentary, History
  • Opened 8/16/2019 | Theatrical • Limited (15 locations)

Danish director Mads Brügger and Swedish private investigator Göran Björkdahl are trying to solve the mysterious death of Dag Hammarskjöld. As their investigation closes in, they discover a crime far worse than killing the Secretary-General of the United Nations.

Director & Top Cast

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weekend 1828516007114567365607917434091
cume 294855533375311875019710499114104965101842104965104192104965104965
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Week Gross $ % Chg. Gross $ % Chg. # Chg. Per Theater
1 | 8/16/2019-8/22/2019$18,285-$29,485-13-$2,268
2 | 8/23/2019-8/29/2019$16,007-12.5 %$25,848-12.3 %152$1,723
3 | 8/30/2019-9/5/2019$11,456-28.4 %$19,978-22.7 %150$1,332
4 | 9/6/2019-9/12/2019$7,365-35.7 %$12,190-39 %11-4$1,108
5 | 9/13/2019-9/19/2019$6,079-17.5 %$9,603-21.2 %6-5$1,601
6 | 9/20/2019-9/26/2019$1,743-71.3 %$2,010-79.1 %3-3$670
7 | 9/27/2019-10/3/2019$2,08719.7 %$2,72835.7 %41$682
8 | 10/4/2019-10/10/2019$1,231-41 %$2,350-13.9 %2-2$1,175
9 | 10/11/2019-10/17/2019$773-37.2 %$773-67.1 %1-1$773
  Total $104,965  

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Additional Details

  • Release Date: 8/16/2019

  • Key Dates: 3/18/2020 - TV premiere (Norway) , 3/18/2020 - Sofia International Film Festival (Bulgaria) , 2/29/2020 - TV premiere (France) , 2/12/2020 - More Dates..

    Key Dates

    3/18/2020TV premiere (Norway)
    3/18/2020Sofia International Film Festival (Bulgaria)
    2/29/2020TV premiere (France)
    12/10/2019Fast Forward Human Rights Film Festival (Montenegro)
    12/5/2019Human Rights Film Festival (Croatia)
    11/30/2019Africa Rising International Film Festival (South Africa)
    11/28/2019LUX Film Festival (Lithuania)
    11/25/2019TV premiere (UK)
    11/19/2019Digital & DVD premiere (USA)
    11/19/2019Digital & DVD premiere (Canada)
    11/18/2019TV premiere (Germany)
    11/18/2019TV premiere (Austria)
    11/14/2019Ljubljana International Film Festival (Slovenia)
    11/12/2019Verzio International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival (Hungary)
    11/11/2019Medfilm Festival in Rome (Italy)
    11/8/2019Cork Film festival (Ireland)
    11/3/2019Thessaloniki International Film Festival (Greece)
    11/1/2019Leiden International Film Festival (Netherlands)
    10/30/2019TV premiere (New Zealand)
    10/27/2019TV premiere (Finland)
    10/20/2019TV premiere (Spain)
    10/19/2019Antenna Documentary Film Festival (Australia)
    10/17/2019Milwaukee Film Festival (USA)
    10/6/2019Brisbane Film Festival (Australia)
    10/4/2019BFI London Film Festival (UK)
    10/1/2019Zurich Film Festival (Switzerland)
    9/28/2019Bergen International Film Festival (Norway)
    9/26/2019Reykjavik International Film Festival (Iceland)
    9/21/2019AJB DOC Film Festival (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
    9/20/2019Helsinki International Film Festival (Finland)
    8/20/2019Sidewalk Film Festival (USA)
    8/5/2019Lemesos International Documentary Film Festival (Cyprus)
    8/1/2019Melbourne International Film Festival (Australia)
    7/31/2019Traverse City Film Festival (USA)
    7/26/2019Stony Brooks Film Festival (USA)
    7/20/2019Durban International Film Festival (South Africa)
    7/20/2019Hamptons International Film Festival (USA)
    7/18/2019New Zealand International Film Festival (New Zealand)
    6/27/2019Munich International Film Festival (Germany)
    6/19/2019Nantucket Film Festival (USA)
    6/9/2019Biografilm Festival (Italy)
    6/6/2019Lighthouse International Film Festival (USA)
    6/2/2019Greenwich International Film Festival (USA)
    5/31/2019Transylvania International Film Festival (Romania)
    5/25/2019DocAviv, Tel Aviv International Documentary Film Festival (Israel)
    5/23/2019Mammoth Lakes Film Festival (USA)
    5/22/2019Chicago Critics Film Festival (USA)
    5/19/2019DocsBarcelona International Documentary Film Festival (Spain)
    5/16/2019Seattle International Film Festival (USA)
    5/13/2019Docs Against Gravity Film Festival (Poland)
    5/10/2019Cinetopia Film Festival (USA)
    5/9/2019BELDOCS International Documentary Film Festival (Serbia)
    5/8/2019Maryland Film Festival (USA)
    5/2/2019Montclair Film Festival (USA)
    5/2/2019DocLands Documentary Film Festival (USA)
    4/25/2019The Norwegian Documentary Film Festival (Norway)
    4/24/2019Independent Film Festival Boston (USA)
    4/18/2019Moscow Film Festival (Russia)
    4/7/2019Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival (USA)
    4/5/2019Wisconsin Film Festival (USA)
    4/5/2019Istanbul Film Festival (Turkey)
    4/4/2019It's All True International Documentary Film Festival (Brazil)
    3/27/2019DOCVILLE International Documentary Film Festival (Belgium)
    3/8/2019One World Film Festival (Czechia)
    3/1/2019True/False Film Festival (USA)
    2/21/2019Ambulante film festival (Mexico)
    1/26/2019Sundance Film Festival (USA)