Audible (2021)

PG-13 39min Documentary, Sport
  • Distributor:Netflix
  • Director:Matthew Ogens
  • Cast:Amaree McKenstry-Hall
  • Synopsis:

    Audible is a cinematic and immersive coming of age film, documenting the journey of Maryland School for the Deaf high school athlete Amaree McKenstry-Hall. Amaree and his closest friends face the pressures of senior year while grappling with the realities of venturing off into a hearing world. They take out their frustrations on the football field as they battle to protect an unprecedented winning streak, while coming to terms with the tragic loss of a close friend. This is a story about kids who stand up to adversity and demand to be heard. They face conflict, but approach the future with hope - shouting to the world that they exist and they matter.


Opens 07/01/2021

Key Dates

  • 07/01/2021 - Netflix