Adopting Audrey

Adopting Audrey (Vertical Entertainment)

  • NR 1h 32m
  • Comedy, Drama
  • Opened 8/26/2022 | Theatrical • Limited

Technical Specs: Digital, Flat; 5.1 Sound

Fired from her seventh job in two years and estranged from her family, Audrey (Jena Malone) is restless and dwells in a distinctly modern solitude, relying on YouTube for companionship. After falling down a video rabbit hole, she discovers the world of adult adoption and decides to try it herself in hopes of finding a sense of belonging. Audrey soon finds is an adoptive family whose dysfunction mirrors her own, allowing her to form an unlikely bond with the misanthropic patriarch, Otto (Robert Hunger-Bühler), who is seemingly as cold as she is courteous.

Additional Details

  • Release Date: 8/26/2022

  • Technical Specs: Digital, Flat; 5.1 Sound