Ratings Updates

Title Distributor Genre Type Pattern / Platform Release date Rating Comments
Paul’s Promise Integrity Releasing Drama, Family Theatrical Limited 10/21/2022 PG Thematic material including racism and domestic violence, language, some violence and smoking
Pleasure Neon Drama Theatrical Limited 5/13/2022 R Strong/graphic sexual content including dialogue throughout, sexual violence, graphic nudity, pervasive language, and drug use
She Said Universal Pictures Drama Theatrical Wide 11/18/2022 R Language and descriptions of sexual assault
TÁR Focus Features Drama, Music Theatrical Limited 10/7/2022 R Some language and brief nudity
The Inspection A24 Drama Theatrical Limited 11/18/2022 R Language throughout, sexual content, some nudity and violence
The Woman King TriStar Pictures Action, Drama, Historical Theatrical Wide 9/16/2022 PG-13 Some disturbing material, brief language, sequences of strong violence, partial nudity and thematic content
Wire Room Lionsgate Action, Thriller Theatrical Limited 9/2/2022 R Strong violence and pervasive language