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7 Locations, 66 ScreensStates / Provinces Active: FL, NC, VA
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      Paragon Entertainment Holdings, LLC (“Paragon”) was formed in 2009 by key former Muvico Entertainment, LLC ("Muvico") executives who sought to own and operate movie theaters and related entertainment ventures. The world of theater exhibitions is changing rapidly. Given competitive pressures of narrowing DVD windows, leading to quick playtimes of movie runs (i.e. the need for fewer screens per theater), the advent of digital technology, sophisticated home entertainment, and other forms of competitive entertainment, theaters must offer an integrated entertainment experience that is not "just about the movie" but where the "movie is part of the overall entertainment experience.” Paragon seeks to create a true entertainment brand and destination for its guests by offering premium luxury leather seats with extended legroom, reserved seating, expansive food menus and concepts, a bar/lounge, and digital projection. Also, in keeping with technological advances and their ongoing pursuit of enhancing the guest experience, most Paragon Theaters have added electric recliners that can be fully extended with the simple push of a button.


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