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  • Martin Grove
  • Published: Nov. 16, 2020 @ 12:00 PM

Where are the Hollywood Elites When the Industry Needs Them?

Where are the Hollywood elites whose campaign donations funded the NY & LA politicians who are keeping theatres shut in those cities?

Without the millions of dollars in contributions raised from parties at the homes of A-List stars, filmmakers & studio moguls, would these politicians have been elected? Why aren’t these big contributors warning them that refusing to let theatres re-open – with rules about masks, seating capacity, cleansing, concession sales, advance ticketing, etc. – could endanger the future of lucrative film & TV production in their cities?

Where is the media to find out why NY & LA won’t consider letting theatres re-open safely? How is it that it’s okay for local restaurants, bars, hair & nail salons and bowling alleys to re-open with restrictions while movie theatres that could have been playing NO TIME TO DIE (pictured – Daniel Craig & Jeffrey Wright) this Thanksgiving stay shuttered?

Why is it fine for airlines to fly packed flights? Why doesn’t it help that there have not been reports of COVID-19 infections in movie theatres across the U.S. where exhibitors were allowed to have carefully managed re-openings?

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