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  • Martin Grove
  • Published: Nov. 09, 2020 @ 2:00 PM

Theatre Attendance Shows There’s No Substitute for Tentpoles

Movie critics tried and failed for years to steer audiences away from blockbusters, sequels & remakes, but COVID-19 did it overnight.

The studios pulled tentpoles from 2020 and without those event films — critics labeled them “popcorn pictures” – it turns out the marketplace isn’t wide open to indie dramas, subtitled foreign films or  quirky micro-budget movies. Instead, there’s little or no action because so little is playing that anyone really wants to see. We can thank NYC & LA politicians for keeping theatres shut in the 2 markets Hollywood considers essential to have open. But airlines are still allowed to fly packed planes!

What moviegoers miss are the tentpoles the critics always wanted to chop down. Happily, Universal/ DreamWorks’ animated comedy THE CROODS 2 (pictured) is on theatres’ Thanksgiving menu (11/25). Hopefully, WB/DC’s superhero sequel WONDER WOMAN 1984 stays put for Christmas (12/25).

From there, it’s on to 2021, which, per current schedules, should be a strong Year of the Tentpole for exhibitors. Among the most anticipated: NO TIME TO DIE, A QUIET PLACE 2, RAYA & THE LAST DRAGON, F9, BLACK WIDOW & TOP GUN: MAVERICK.

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