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Italy Re-Shutters Cinemas as Europe Braces for Second Coronavirus Lockdown

On Sunday, UK Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden confirms details of the Covid-19 lockdown announced by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Over the last seven days, the leaders of all major European countries announced a second wave of lockdowns as a key element of public health measures to combat the recent spike in COVID-19 infections.  On Sunday, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced that, regrettably, the government was requiring cinemas and other non-essential businesses to close their doors once again.  On Wednesday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced a “lockdown lite” for Germany, scheduled to take effect on 11/2, affecting restaurants, bars, night clubs, cinemas and other theatrical and performance venues.  On Friday, French President Emmanuel Macron made a similar announcement, with widespread closures that would leave only schools and daycares exempt.  On Saturday, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the UK’s upcoming forced closures.  In all cases, the announcement was for a temporary closure, recognizing the economic and psychological burden they cause, with plans to reassess regularly the fundamentals that require these extreme measures.

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