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Testimonials from several of our exhibitor partners on how Screendollars has made an impact on their business.


Screendollars4-Screen Cinema - “Before using Screendollars we managed our own advertising.  But we found that we were not able to provide the focus necessary to do enough of it and make it work really well.  Now Screendollars does everything and makes it easy for us.  The ads come in when they are supposed to in the formats we require making it all easy to do.  We now are showing more ads, both national and local.  They are higher quality than the spots we used to show, are rotated more often, which our customers appreciate.  And, of course, we make more money.”

10-Screen Multiplex - “Our projectionists can set up the Screendollars ads on existing projection equipment - both our analog and digital screens – so we have no new equipment or added cost.  The instructions they provide with each flight are easy to understand and follow.  Best of all, the money really adds up.  I made tens of thousands of dollars last year.”

2-Screen Drive-In - “The Screendollars ads are Hollywood-style production quality so they complement the overall show nicely.  We’re a small, seasonal business so the extra money it provides really helps ends meet at the end of the season.”

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