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Key reasons why using Screendollars for advertising services makes sense for your cinema.


ScreendollarsMaximize Your Revenue Opportunity - Cinema Advertising represents the third largest source of revenue for exhibitors, after ticket sales and concessions.  Screendollars helps theater owners maximize their revenues from cinema advertising.  We provide you with award winning, national, regional and local spots and other promotions.

No Capital Investment - Screendollars advertisements are produced in the proper format to be shown using your existing film projection equipment, distributed direct to your theater.  Therefore, you can show Screendollars advertisements without having to make any capital investment. 

Premier Product - Our advertisements are award-winning, premier productions, from national, regional and local advertisers.  We can provide everything from individual slides with local advertisements to full-motion video of varying lengths, individually or combined into a pre-show experience.  Analog or digital, traditional projection or now even 3D. Check out our Gallery to view examples of cinema advertisements.

Easy Operations - Screendollars handles all sales and other communications with the advertisers.  We produce and distribute the advertisements to our exhibitors in the format required for your projection equipment.  We also provide simple, clear instructions with each advertising flight to make it easy for your projectionist.  Complete our Contact form to ask a question or to get started.

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