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Frequently Asked Questions

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Answers to frequently asked questions when considering cinema advertising with Screendollars.

ScreendollarsHow much will I earn?

The amount that you earn is based on several factors, the most important one being the number of viewers who see movies at your theater.  A 10-screen Cineplex with 60 showings a day operating 365 days a year will earn more than a 2-screen drive-in with 4 showings a day operating 6 months a year.  Another factor is the type of ads you show (national, local, digital, 3D) and, therefore, the number of ads that you show.

Our theater owners earn $1000’s per screen per year in their first year, and this amount increases every year with the expected increase in advertising volume and rates.  As is the case for the movie business itself, the amount you earn will vary based on the season.  There will be slow months when you will show fewer ads and earn less and busy months when you show more and earn more.

Does it cost me anything to get started?

It costs you absolutely nothing to earn this extra money.  You show the ads on your current screens, with your current equipment, during time available on the screen before the coming attractions and feature presentation.  Moreover, many theater owners report that their revenues from concessions increases by showing our attractive ads on their screens, encouraging audiences to come to the theater earlier than they might otherwise come because they feel that “the show” starts earlier, now including these high-quality ads.

ScreendollarsWhen do I get paid?

Screendollars pays theater owners each quarter at the end of the quarter.  An indoor theater will receive four checks per year, each check covering all the advertising revenue for their screens for the previous three-month period.  An outdoor drive-in with a six-month season would receive two checks per year, one in the middle of the season and one at the end.

What sort of ads are they?  Who makes them?

The ads that Screendollars distributes are Hollywood-style, production-quality spots that vary in length from 30 to 90 seconds, made by the same production teams that make the ads you see on TV.  Typical spots would be for cars and trucks, food products, TV networks and series, you name it.  Check out our Gallery to view some examples of our ads shown recently by our exhibitors

I’m already running slides before the show.  Can I run your ads too?

If you are already running local ads, you can continue to do so and add to that the Screendollars national ads as part of your overall pre-show.  The Screendollars national ads would be shown after the slide show and local ads but before coming attractions.  If you prefer, Screendollars can also manage your local advertising sales, production and relationships, for a comprehensive solution.

ScreendollarsHow are you so sure that my audience will like them?

Audiences have been entertained by cinema advertising for years.  Remember your excitement as a movie-goer, arriving at the theater, looking forward to seeing the trailers for the coming attractions and, of course, the feature presentation.  The high-quality advertisements blend into that overall experience as yet another treat, the opening act!

Advertisers have learned that audiences love the high-quality advertisements that we distribute.  In 2010 more than $650 million was spent by advertisers on cinema advertising, the most ever.  Why?  Recent surveys from respected advertising research groups have shown that audiences remember the products and services represented in the high-quality advertisements that we distribute.  It’s a win-win-win - for the exhibitor, the advertisers and the audience.

I’m just a small business.  Can I deal with this?

We have been providing cinema advertising to independent cinemas for many years and we know how your business works.  We make it easy, from providing you ads in the format that you require, to giving you a clear and simple schedule that lists when each ad should be shown with which films.  And we are always available by phone and e-mail to answer any question that comes up.

What if I try it for a while and then decide that I don’t want to continue?

In fact we encourage you to try it out first, to learn how the operations work and how much your theater will earn.  You can let us know at any time if you decide to stop showing our ads and we will pay you for the ads that you have shown.  Our experience has shown that very few theaters bow out once they see what it does for their business.

ScreendollarsWho is Screendollars?

Screendollars is the on-line business of Yankee Film Productions. Our professionals have been providing cinema advertising services to independent cinemas and drive-ins for over 40 years. We have the experience and commitment to meet the needs of today's cinema owners.

How do I get started?

You can reach us by calling (978)474-4150, sending an e-mail to contactus@screendollars.com or completing our on-line Contact Form.


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